Soon after the invention of the first radionics instrument, Dr. Albert Abrams began conducting demonstrations of this art for other physicians and members of the public at his laboratory in San Francisco. Today there are numerous opportunities for new and experienced radionics researchers to share ideas, experiences, and technology at meetings, workshops and conferences. To follow is a list of training courses offered by KRT, followed by events offered by other groups and individuals.



Atlanta, Georgia, USA
6th Annual Radionics Winter Spring Classic
May 31-June 1: KRT Basic Radionics
June 2: Intermediate Radionics w/ Marty Lucas
June 3: Advanced Radionics w/ Marty Lucas

Click here for registration information for the Radionics Spring Classic.

Denver, Colorado , USA
1st Radionics Fall Classic
September 25-26: KRT Basic Radionics
September 27: Intermediate Radionics w/ Marty Lucas
September 28: Advanced Radionics w/ Marty Lucas

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Please scroll down for detailed information on each of these events, as well as many others offered from members of the radionics community.



Kelly Research Technologies is very pleased to offer workshops and training courses delivered by Ed Kelly, President of KRT and son of founder Peter J. Kelly.

Ed is a uniquely qualified instructor, with years of experience building and developing radionics instrumentation, working with senior instructors, and writing about this amazing art, as well as many hours spent in the company of some of the greatest names in radionics: Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus, Col. Tom Bearden, and many others.

Workshops include a balance of radionics theory, practical applications, and hands-on activities that will equip participants with the ability and confidence to apply radionics to the energetic world that flows through us all.

Peter Kelly Workshop
Peter J. Kelly conducts a workshop in 1981.
Ed Kelly at 2010 USPA
Ed Kelly conducts a workshop in 2012.

Feedback from KRT Radionics Workshops

“Awesome!  Extremely useful and practical workshop. I really feel confident now that I can start using radionics.”

“Perfect Explanations - simple and easy to understand.”

“I liked the down-to-earth, clear, and honest presentation. Pleasant and easy to learn.”

“Have gained immeasurable knowledge and understanding as a beginner.”

“Course was really enjoyable and a lot of fun! I have enough info to begin on my own."


KRT Training Videos

Can't make it to a live training event? Consider selecting a video training package!

Fundamentals of Radionics Poster

KRT Pillars of Radionics Vol. 1: Fundamentals of Radionics

A complete training video with KRT President Ed Kelly that covers the fundamentals of analyzing, balancing, and potentizing with your Personal Instrument and Accessory Potentizer. Chapters include:

  • Simple Analysis
  • Worksheet Analysis
  • Balancing
  • Cold Scanning
  • Reagents
  • Potentizing
  • Tuning Stations & Antenna
  • Nine Radionics Worksheets

Much of this material will also be suitable for users of other two-dial radionics instruments, including Hieronymus, Rogers, and Mattioda system.

A Kelly Research Technologies exclusive!

Available now for streaming from the platform. Coming soon on DVD.

$299.00 - 3 hours 18 minutes
$199.00 - For owners or KRT instruments
(contact KRT for discount verification and coupon code)

Available now! Click here for streaming playback from the platform.

KRT Basic Radionics

May 31-June 1, 2021: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
September 25-26, 2021: Denver, Colorado, USA

Learn to Analyze and Balance! A two-day introduction to the basic theory and hands-on operation of the radionics instrument for the new beginner and anyone seeking a refresher. Topics will include:

  • Theory of operation
  • Collection of samples and witnesses
  • Energetic analysis and radionic balancing
  • Use of reagents
  • Use of worksheets
  • Cold scanning

$450.00 - Individual Registration (USA)
$250.00 - w/ Instrument Purchase or Course Retake* (USA)
$50.00 - Rental Instrument (Supplies Limited!)(USA)

* Retake enrollment rate available to any individual who has ever completed a course taught by any authorized dealer of KRT instruments. New instrument must be purchased at the time of enrollment.

KRT Intermediate Radionics w/ Marty Lucas

June 2, 2021: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
September 27, 2021: Denver, Colorado, USA

Learn to potentize! Create crystal clear statements of intent, cold scan for highly-accurate radionic rates, and potentize those rates and applicable reagents into a personal object brought to the class. Special guest Marty Lucas shares his unique, in-depth knowledge in making strong and effective potentized items and reagents.

Learn simplified broadcasting! New in 2021, the afternoon will be spent making radionic potencies and remedies, as well as making simplified broadcasts using the Replicator. This class demonstrates how easy it is to be effective even if you can't get a stick. Find out why the Replicator is an essential part of every radionic laboratory.

Participants should have a basic knowledge of their radionics instrument for this course. An instrument with potentizer, Replicator, or Workstation is required for this course. Order by April 15 if you need one of these devices. And remember to bring personal objects for energetic imprinting!

$225.00 - Individual Registration

KRT Advanced Radionics w/ Marty Lucas

June 3, 2021: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
September 28, 2021: Denver, Colorado, USA

Marty Lucas will take the lead in presenting this one-day course focused on advanced radionics concepts and techniques. “I take advanced concepts in subtle energy and explain them in a way that is easy to understand and use. This class gives you cutting-edge information from real-life radionics research.”

$225.00 - Individual Registration

KRT Workshop Logistics

Who: Courses will be delivered by Ed Kelly, President of KRT.

When: Classes will run from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm each day, with breaks.

Bring: Participants are encouraged to bring:

  • Samples of the water they use
  • Soil samples from their gardens or farms
  • Fur, hair, and/or photos from an animal they own
  • A printed photo of their home, office, or farm (digital photos are fine)
  • For potentizing classes, an object or other substrate to potentize

Unless stated otherwise, these are hands-on workshops that require a radionics instrument and/or potentizer. Bring yours, or please order as soon as possible if a new instrument is required from KRT. A limited number of instruments are available for rent from KRT for a fee of $50.00.

Food: Participants are responsible for their own meals and snacks.

Enroll: All registrations and enrollments must be paid by credit card, PayPal, or cash at the door. Call to register at (706) 782-2524, or complete and fax this enrollment information to (706) 782-1047. Send checks or other correspondence to KRT, PO Box 128, Lakemont, GA, 30552. Online payments through PayPal should be directed to:

Thank you for your support!

The universal concepts of radionics covered in KRT Radionics Workshops will equip participants to conduct radionics research in any area desired.  However, human health issues cannot be covered at any time.  Regrettably, any questions concerning human health will be declined.



To follow is a list of events organized and/or sponsored by other groups or individuals within the radionics community. This listing is published on this site as a service to the radionics community and does not indicate an endorsement of any kind by Kelly Research Technologies or its employees. KRT is not responsible for anything said, suggested, claimed or implied by any individual or group in any course, workshop or event, whether or not Kelly radionics equipment is utilized by the organizers or any of the attendees.

Ongoing: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, USA
Conshohocken Radionics

"Pennsylvania Pete" Radatti moderates a free study group for anyone interested in learning about radionics through the "meetup" web site Everyone is welcome to attend! And be sure to check out Pete's new book A Fun Short Course in Beginning Radionics on the KRT Books and DVD page, or download it for free by clicking here.

To visit Conshohocken Radionics' Meetup page please click here.

Ongoing: Rome, Italy
Società Italiana di Radionica e Radiestesia

Society President Alessandra Previdi curates and organizes an active schedule of lectures and meetings exploring the fields of Radionics and Radiesthesia.

To visit Society's web page please click here.

November 25-26, 2021: Noosaville, Queensland, Australia
Radionics: Beginner's Course

Heinz Gugger will conduct this hands-on Hieronymus Live Signal Radionics orientated course, which is designed for brand-new beginners through to anyone seeking a refresher of the basics of radionics. Participants will practice using and developing a touch for the radionic instrument by completing analysis worksheets and  utilizing the instrument in the broadcast mode to energetically balance those elements. Dowsing is not a necessary skill needed when working with Hieronymus Live Signal based radionics instruments, but it is strongly advisable as it helps achieve greater accuracy. There are a limited amount of spaces per course, to ensure you don't miss out be sure to register!

November 27-28, 2021: Noosaville, Queensland, Australia
Yearly Master Radionics Workshop

Over two days Heinz Gugger will cover a wide variety of new topics, new research, and present newly released reagents. This is an interactive course; participants are welcome but not required to bring their instruments. We will provide instruments to use for the activities. This course is built from feedback and questions I received from practitioners over the last years. It is during the practical application at home when questions and new application methods come up. Instead of covering each individual topic and question we work by creating a hands-on program. There is no need to run worksheets and getting a stick – this is about finding and applying the right inputs for whatever you are seeking.

Save big by registering for both November courses at the Universal Energy Clearing web site by clicking here.

Heinz Gugger of Universal Energy Clearing has been a dowsing and radionics practitioner for more than 10 years, working and consulting with clients all over the world. He uses dowsing and radionic practices to help and solve problems for clients in a wide variety of industries.

October 26-27, 2021: Rapid City, South Dakota, USA
Fundamentals and Practical Radionics

Marty Lucas of Every Advantage Consulting will conduct a hands-on radionics workshop designed to establish and reinforce the core functions of practical radionics: analyzing, balancing, potentizing with two-dial instruments and the KRT Replicator. Specific topics will include:
• Basic analyzing and balancing
• Selecting and testing reagents
• Cold-scanning primary and supporting rates
• Potentizing for multi-octave impact
• Practical day-to-day radionics for the busy professional

Registration information will be posted here when it becomes available.

October 28-30, 2021: Rapid City, South Dakota, USA
Radionics Symposium

Dr. Ron Barone's annual symposium convenes again with a rich slate of speakers and programs delivered by some of the most interesting folks working in the field today. Past speakers have included such radionics luminaries as Daniel Taylor, Marty Lucas, Dr. Michelle Peal, Dr. Marilyn Elliot, "Pennsylvania Pete" Radatti, Dr. Linda Lancaster, Dan Magnum, Hugh Lovel, Brian Besco, and KRT's Ed Kelly.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.


DISCLAIMER: Neither publication of this listing nor any of the contents therein constitutes a claim that any psychotronic, radionic or scalar technology devices are effective in the diagnosis or treatment of any disease or any other human ailment. These devices are designed to be used for personal energetic research and/or agricultural purposes only. Persons with mental or physical illnesses should be referred to qualified medical practitioners licensed by federal, state or local agencies, as applicable. Neither KRT nor its employees assumes any responsibility for the accuracy, efficacy or effects of material presented at any event of workshop. This listing represents research that is being passed on for enlightenment of others who are following, or wish to follow, similar pathways of discovery.



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