Soon after the invention of the first radionics instrument, Dr. Albert Abrams began conducting demonstrations of this art for other physicians and members of the public at his laboratory in San Francisco. Today there are numerous opportunities for new and experienced radionic researchers to share ideas, experiences, and technology at meetings, workshops and conferences. To follow is a list of training courses offered by KRT, followed by events offered by other groups and individuals.



Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
February 1-2: Basic Radionics
February 3-4: Back To Your Roots - Soil Solutions
Western Producers Conference "Seize the Day
February 5: Advanced Topics in Radionics
Click here for details and registration information. (pdf)

The Dome, Lakemont, Georgia, USA
May 17-18: Basic Radionics
May 19-20: Advanced Topics in Radionics
Click here for details and registration information. (pdf)

Columbus, Ohio, USA
July 11: Phoenix Bookstore - 3110 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.
Introduction to Radionics: A Hands-On Demonstration by Ed Kelly $5.00 per person. Space is limited! Call ahead to reserve a seat. 614-268-3100.

Columbus, Ohio, USA
August 8-9: Raymon Grace - Stacking the Deck with Intent
August 10-11: 2014 KRT Great Radionics Expo
August 12-13: KRT Basic Radionics
Scroll down for a lift of speakers, programs, organizations, and vendors scheduled to date. Click here for a PDF version of the same information, as well as registration information.

Please scroll down for detailed information on each of these events, as well as many others offered from members of the radionics community.


KRT Great Radionics Expo

August 8-9: Columbus, Ohio
Raymon Grace, Dowser: Stacking the deck of life in your favor with intent – a self-empowerment seminar.

KRT is very pleased to present Raymon Grace, founder and president of the Raymon Grace Foundation. Raymon is a dowser, lecturer, and the author of three books: The Future is Yours - Do Something About It, Techniques That Work For Me, and Seasons of April.

Raymon has created 40 DVD videos sharing information learned over the past 40 years. His books have all been printed in both English and Chinese. His work is being used in several countries for improving water and other areas of self-improvement. His newsletter reaches people in 142 countries. He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows including the well-known "Coast to Coast AM Radio."

Folks, I can't say enough about my experience in Raymon's course last year in Rapid City, South Dakota. He showed me how to open my eyes and see the world around me, to get out of my own way and understand just how thin the veil between the energetic and physical realms can be. It was truly a transformational experience that I would recommend for anyone that is interested in participating in reality rather than just living as a spectator. - Ed Kelly

You can learn more about Raymon Grace and his work at his websites:

$300.00 - Individual Registration at the Door - CASH ONLY
$250.00 - Individual Registration - Before July 10

For early registration, please send your check to:

Raymon Grace, 29501 North Fork River Road, Saltville, VA 24370

Cash discounts will be available at the seminar for Raymon's books, DVDs, and other goods.

August 10-11: Columbus, Ohio
KRT Presents - The Great Radionics Expo - 2014

KRT is very pleased to invite the radionics community to join us in Columbus, Ohio, to celebrate the sharing of positive ideas, practical information, and innovative energetic resources at the 2014 Great Radionics Expo!

While KRT was born in Lakemont, Georgia, the seeds were planted in Columbus, Ohio. This was where the Kelly family lived in 1978 when founder Peter J. Kelly built the first Personal Instrument for sale to a complete stranger after several years of building them for himself and his friends. Only a year later he would travel to Lakemont, Georgia, to begin a joint venture with radionics pioneer Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus - a temporary relocation that became permanent after Peter fell in love with the area. Now, 36 years later, KRT is very pleased to return to the city where we got our start.


UPDATE: KRT is extremely proud to showcase the U.S. Psychotronics Association at the 2014 Great Radionics Expo! For decades the USPA was the only organization in the United States that was gathering resources, publishing work, and hosting meetings with the world's top radionic and esoteric researchers, including charter member Peter J. Kelly way back in 1975. It is no exaggeration to say that the partnerships and alliances formed by Peter Kelly with the other USPA members played a pivotal role in the birth of Interdimensional Sciences and then Kelly Research Technologies. It was within the USPA that Peter Kelly forged lifelong relationships with Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus, Tom Bearden, Bob Beutlich, and most of the great minds of that era. And it is with great pride that Ed Kelly currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the organization his father helped launch nearly 40 years ago.

We've invited the USPA to help celebrate our return to Columbus by programming an entire slate of their speakers, with one of the three meeting rooms dedicated entirely to the presentation of their guests. The USPA delivers cutting edge information not only from the world of radionics but also from the broader umbrella of esoteric knowledge and exploration. Even more important is the fact that the USPA is committed to non-commercial, not-for-profit research - an unbiased voice in the community.

The USPA is completing a period of transformation that includes launch of a great new website and the complete digitization of the research and media archives, including countless audio and video presentations. All of these resources will soon be available online anywhere in the world thanks to the miracle of this information age in which we live. KRT is very pleased to present the new USPA to the world at the 2014 Great Radionics Expo!

For more information about the U.S. Psychotronics Association please visit their website, located here.

FORMAT: The 2014 Expo will follow the same format that proved to be so popular with the 160 registrants, speakers, vendors, and guests that attended the KRT Great Radionics Expo in South Dakota in 2013. Invited speakers will present 24 programs in three meeting rooms over the course of the two-day event. All programs will last approximately 1.5 to 2.0 hours in length.

SPEAKERS: Here is a list of the speakers, programs, vendors, and organizations as of 8/1/14.

Dr. Ron Barone
Radionics Teacher, Minister, Well-Being Consultant

Program: Protocols and Things That Work for Me, a Master Metaphysical Practioner (Advanced Radionics)
Procedures, tips, and ideas that enhance your radionic testing and results to help people on many different levels, including analysis, nutrition, herbals, homeopathies, and broadcasting.
Organization – All Saints Church: Training and information on radionics and other healing modalities. Providing info on a Master Symposium workshop scheduled for 10/2-10/4 in Rapid City, SD.

Physicist, Author, Inventor: (1990 Video - Radionics: Action at a Distance)

Program: Radionics - Action at a Distance (1990 video) (General Interest)
One of the most illuminating physics lectures ever given, Tom explains the scientific basis for radionics, starting with the vacuum and moving through its relation to parapsychology, to healing, and to the pirating of the technology by the weapons manufacturers.

USPA: Physics Educator, Researcher. President of the USPA

Program: A History of the US Psychotronics Association: Where We Have Been & Where We Hope to Go (General Interest)
Scott’s talk will discuss a brief history of the USPA and review the widespread topics of interactions of mind and matter that incorporate “Psychotronics”, including radionics, dowsing, subtle energy fields, free energy, among many others, and the research being done to change the current scientific paradigm into a “New Physics” that incorparoate the power of the human mind.

Organization – U.S. Psychotronics Association: Sharing information about this not-for-profit organization, as well as audios and videos from its immense archive of programs and presentations. 

Animal Communicator, Master of Integrative Energy Therapy

Program: Radionics and Integrated Energy Therapy for Animals and Humans (General Interest)
This presentation describes healing work with animals and one human using radionics with cold scan and published radionic rates.  Procedures and results from an experiment using radionics and Integrated Energy Therapy® for a dog will also be discussed.  In some cases dramatic results were achieved by using cold scan commands and Kelly Personal Instruments to go back in time to impact cause and inception points.

Stray Voltage and Weird Energy Expert, Dairy Livestock, Dowser

Program:  Stray Voltage:  Radionic Machines, Return Wave Purification, and Grounding (General Interest)
Participants will learn how to locate and remedy stray voltage and other weird energies using the reverse-twisted grounding system with radionic instruments, as well as scalar return wave purification equipment developed by Ertl.
Vendor - Scott Ertl Products LLC: ERTLIZER Stray Voltage Units, Radionics Accessories

Radionics Inventor, (1983 Video - History of Radionics)

Program:  The History of Radionics through 1983 (1983 video) (General Interest)
A pioneer in radio and electrical technology in the 1920’s and 30’s, Hieronymus is legendary for being the only individual to be issued a U.S. patent for a radionic instrument.  In this 1983 video, Hieronymus explains the history and engineering advancements in the field of radionics using vintage instruments from his own collection.

Alan Kacperski & Al Rhodes
USPA: Free Energy Researchers

Program:  Advanced Alternative Energy Technologies and Devices (General Interest)
Al Rohde and I have been working with three gifted inventors who have developed many generator prototypes. We will describe several of these devices as shown on their web sites as well as the struggle to get funding. I will discuss the recent John Bedini/Peter Lindemann Science and Technology Conference held June 27-29, 2014; Idaho, USA.

Radionics Inventor and Teacher: KRT, Inc. + BETAR USA

Program:  The Science Behind the Stick: Radionic Antenna and the Rub Plate Reaction (Basic Radionics)
The “stick” has always been one of the most mysterious elements of the radionic instrument. Described but unexplained in Hieronymus’ 1949 patent, it was only four years later that Dr. E. Mallinckrodt’s article “Perception of Electrically Induced Vibrations” provided the technical underpinnings for not only the radionic rub plates, but also today’s touchscreen smart phones and computers.  Learn how antenna designs impact radionic effectiveness.
Vendor – Kelly Research Technologies, Inc.: Radionic equipment, accessories, and information.

George Kuepper
Farmer, Teacher, Author: Radionics, Reality, & Man

Program:  Organic Agriculture – Radionics Research and Applications (Intermediate/Advanced Radionics)
Mr. Kuepper will discuss traditional uses of radionic and dowsing in agriculture, as well as suggest new approaches to organic culture based on emerging paradigms in soil and plant ecology, with considerations for the requirements of the National Organic Standard.

USPA: Naturopathic MD and Homeopath, Radionic/Dowsing Teacher

Program:  The History of Radionic Through Modern Times (General Interest)
Dr. Linda will share her knowledge and history of radionics from ancient to modern times, bringing light and awareness to the path she took to become a radionics practitioner while honoring the many great Masters and Mentors that came before her and spent time with her. 

USPA: Radionics/Ag Teacher, Author, Consultant: Little Farm & SE-5

Program:  Flowers and Gem Essences: A Round Table Discussion (General Interest)
Lutie Larsen will lead a round table discussion on the many uses and applications of these classic energies/patterns of information.

USPA: Radionics/Ag Teacher, Author, Consultant: Little Farm & SE-5

Program:  Working the Family Garden – More for Less (General Interest)
Little Farm Research has developed sustainable, organic systems for producing high quality vegetables and greens.  Radionics plays a major part in speeding up growth and increasing yields.  This system is simple and family friendly.

Click here to view/download a preview of Lutie's presentation. This looks wonderful!

Radionics Teacher, Every Advantage Ag Consulting

Program: Using Sacred Geometry to Monitor Pathogens, Weeds, and Nutrients
Vendor – Every Advantage Consulting: KRT radionic instruments and training, Spurling and Twistedsage Tensor Rings, Cory Coil Radionic Antennas, Eagle Electronic Homeopathic instruments

Shannon Marler
Board-Certified Music Therapist\Educator: BETAR Vibroacoustics

Program: Music Therapy and the BETAR Experience (General Interest)
Board-Certified Music Therapist and Educator Shannon Marler describes the Music Therapy profession and her experience using the BETAR Focused Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy System. Learn about how the BETAR tables provide pathways to relaxation, with simultaneous stimulation of the physical, mental, and energetic states.
Vendor – BETAR USA: BETAR Mood-o-Matic and Focused Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Systems deliver 7 Pathways to Relaxation, with simultaneous stimulation of the physical, mental and energetic states. 

Jay L. McCaman
Farmer, Author, When Weeds Talk, Scanner Rates for Agriculture

Program:  When Weeds Talk (General Interest)
When Weeds Talk
is a wonderful resource that illustrates the connection between soil mineral imbalances and the weeds that thrive in those environments.  A lifelong farmer, Mr. McCaman will discuss his work researching and correcting these problems using radionics and soil supplements.  

Dr. Damon Miller, MD
USPA: Alternative Medicine, Lecturer/Teacher, Author

Program: The Cancer Cascade: Cancer, How it Works, and How you Win (General Interest)
There is a growing understanding about how the body can tolerate the presence of abnormal cells that are growing in an uncontrolled way. When you understand how cancer begins, and how it sets up an array of clever defenses to evade detection by the body, then you have the knowledge to help back a person out of their cancer.  My talk will focus on mechanisms that damage cell DNA, the role of inflammation in cancer, why sugar is the only food that can be eaten by a cancer, and the value of understanding the Cancer Cascade.

USPA: Radionics Inventor, Teacher, Author: SE-5 1000 Instrument

Program: Radionics and the Digital Revolution (Advanced Radionics)
Don Paris Ph.D. (h.c.) will discuss the history and development of radionic equipment and its various stages of development.  He will discuss the basics of scalar technology and its relevance to the field of radionics.
Vendor – Living from Vision - SE5 and SE5-1000 Radionics, Information, Technology, and Training

Certified Organic Farmer and Consultant: Bio-Energetic Harmonics

Program: Our Journey (General Interest)
Hear the story of how we explored Biological, Sustainable, Regenerative, and Organic Farming, all while applying the metaphysical laws to the best of our abilities. Find out what we learned from each of these modalities and how they apply to our driving focus – helping people take back responsibility fior their lives and their health. Introducing the GEM Sphere – a Tesla technology brought through by Judy Beebe.

Inventor and Producer: Soil Works LLC

Program: What is Good Food and How Do You Grow It?  (General Interest)
Soil Works LLC is an all-natural soil nutrient company.  President and CEO Glen Rabenberg will present the core concepts of naturally and sustainably growing high-quality food by increasing nutrient density and sugar content.

Pete Radatti
Inventor, Teacher, and Community Organizer

Program:Radionics for Newbies (Basic Radionics)
A hands-on workshop intended to allow participants to try radionics for the first time, including an opportunity to find the sensation of the “stick” on the reaction plate/antenna.  Mr. Radatti is an experienced teacher who has helped many brand new beginners try radionics for the first time through Conshohocken Radionics, a group he organized to share radionics with his community.

Click here to see the radionics manual Pete prepared for the 2013 Expo. No equipment required! KRT will provide radionic instruments for use in this program.

USPA: Metaphysical Teacher/Author/Lecturer, Dolphin Scientist

Program: What Dolphins Have to Teach Us (General Interest)
Dolphins have been said to have healed people, to know when a human is in distress, to communicate telepathically, and to have powers that are beyond their physical body.  What do they know, that we can learn? 
Vendor – Living from Vision - SE5 and SE5-1000 Radionics, Information, Technology, and Training

Cory Stover
Researcher and Radionics Inventor: Cory Coil Antenna

Program: Geometry and Energetic Fields     (General Interest)
Radionics has to do with establishing healthy energetic patterns.  How does geometry play a part in organizing energetic fields?  How do the Golden Mean and fractal geometry relate to energetic coherence?  How does consciousness intersect with these fields?  An understanding of these concepts will enhance our use of radionics and more.
Vendor – Cory Coil Radionic Antennas

Daniel E. Taylor
Physicist, Researcher, and Radionics Historian

Program: The Physics of Radionics (General Interest)
"So how does radionics actually work?" Sooner or later, that is a question all operators face. Is there any scientific basis? Drawing upon the work of three USPA luminaries (Bearden, Kelly, Tiller), we will investigate three pieces to this puzzle: First, we start by exploring the basics of scalar wave theory, including a demonstration utilizing a Tesla-style transmission of electricity. Second, we explore the importance of nonlinear phase conjugation, and what has actually been done using optical techniques for real-time, temporal/spatial information processing. Third, we explore the nodal point geometry and interactions between standard distance/time-space and its Fourier transform, or "mirror" inverse, frequency-space. Putting these three pieces together might give us some picture of how intention might act at a distance.

USPA: Light-Color Therapist/Teacher, Guest Center for Rebalancing

Program: A Sacred Marriage: Light and Tunings (General Interest)
The chromosomes in our trilijards of cells are light transmitters and receivers.  Chromo means light – light carries tunings into the chromosomes. Tunings are programs that run our DNA – every thought/intention/emotion is also a tuning.  That is why placebos work; the mind creates the tuning, light brings this tuning into the chromosomes, and the DNA reacts accordingly.  It does not matter if we get the physical stuff or just the tuning – the outcome is the same.

EXPO MARKET ROOM: Complimentary refreshments will be served daily in the Expo Market Room, where vendors and members of the energetic community will present radionic instruments, accessories, information, and allied technologies. (Water will be served in all meeting rooms.) Here is a list of organizations and vendors to date:

Organization or Vendor:
All Saints Church
Dr. Ron Barone

Sharing information on radionics and the Master Symposium he has organized for October 2014 in Rapid City, SD

Shannon Marler

BETAR Mood-o-Matic and Focused Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy Systems

Cory Stover

Cory Coil Radionic Antennas

Damon Miller, MD

Meet this author and alternative medicine expert specializing in cancer and the mechanisms that impact cell DNA.

Dan Tuck Lightworks & Light Harmonics Institute, Inc.

Dan Tuck & Dr. Linda Lancaster

Music composer for healing, researcher & inventor of radionic devices at LHI, Inc.


Gregory is an intermediary of the Divine with a conduit to the other side. He can share wisdom and advice from loved ones that have passed.

Marty Lucas

KRT Instruments and training, Tensor rings, Cory coil radionic antennas, Eagle Electronic homeopathic units

Ed Kelly, Cathie Jordan, and Erin Robles

Kelly radionic instruments, accessories, resources, info, and training

Living from Vision
Dr. Don Paris & Ilona Selke

SE5 and SE5-1000 Radionics, Information, Technology, and Training.

Lloyd Charles

“Cosmic Pipe” Earth Tuning Stations installed in Australia, Germany, and the USA.

Bob Peters

An incredible source for books and information on spiritual, metaphysical, and self-discovery topics for more than 30 years.  A must see!

Scott Ertl

Ertlizer stray voltage technology, radionics accessories, grounding equipment.

Eric Thompson

Quantum Coherence (subtle energy) devices, EMF Stickers, Meditation CDs with embedded subtle energy technology

Scott Beutlich and Lutie Larsen

Non-profit foundation sharing esoteric information and resources since 1974

Donna Sweeney

Neural Auricular Technique and Rainbow Therapy with top quality Young Living essential oils

RECEPTION: All participants are invited to attend an informal mixer that will be held from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm on August 10 in the large meeting room. A cash bar will be on hand during this event.

$300.00 - Individual Registration
$199.00 - Spouse Registration

KRT has no plans to film any of the programs at this event - to experience this event you must attend!

August 12-13: Columbus, Ohio
KRT Basic Radionics

Don't leave Columbus without learning to operate a radionic instrument! This two day beginner's course focuses on the basics, including, analyzing, balancing, and getting in touch with the instrument. You will be equipped with practical techniques for adding resonance to your farm or homestead. Also a great way for experienced users to get refreshed on the basics.

Participants will practice using the radionic instrument to complete analysis worksheets on water and soil samples brought from home or taken at the site of the class, then utilizing the broadcast mode to energetically balance those elements.

$400.00 - Individual Registration
$199.00 - w/ Expo Enrollment, Instrument Purchase or Course Retake
$50.00 - Rental Instrument
(Supplies Limited!)

* Retake enrollment rate available to any individual who has ever completed a course taught by any authorized dealer of KRT instruments. New instrument must be purchased at the time of enrollment.


August 12-15: Columbus, Ohio
Living From Vision - Advanced SE-5 Workshop

Living From Vision will present an advanced four-day workshop on the SE5 and SE5-1000 radionics equipment. Instruction will be delivered by Jan van der Est, Lutie Larsen, and Dr. Don Paris, with an emphasis on radionic color therapy, gardening techniques, and maximizing effectiveness of the SE5 family of radionic technologies. Anyone attending the KRT Expo will receive a $150.00 off of the cost of this workshop. For more information or to register please call Beth at: 800-758-7836 or 360-387-5713.

Note: This workshop will be held at the nearby Ramada Plaza Hotel &
Conference Center.



Who: The Great Radionics Expo is being organized by KRT, Inc. - a radionics instrument and information company. Programs will be presented by invited speakers.

Where: Columbus, Ohio, is the capital of the Buckeye State and home to The Ohio State University. The city is the most populous in the state and is home to a variety of museums, gardens, shops, and other attractions. For more information please visit the Experience Columbus web site, located here.


Columbus Airport Marriott: Most events will be held at the Columbus Airport Marriott, located at 1375 N. Cassady Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43219-1524. Call 614-475-7551 to make a reservation OR request free shuttle service from the Columbus Airport.

Ramada Plaza Hotel & Conference Center: Living From Vision’s SE-5 Workshop will be held at the Ramada Plaza Hotel & Conference Center. Call 614-854-6035 to make a reservation at the Ramada Plaza Hotel & Conference Center, which is located at:
4900 Sinclair Rd, Columbus, OH 43229.


Raymon Grace’s seminar will run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day.

Expo registration will begin at 7:00 am on August 10. Programs will run from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day, with breaks. On the evening of August 10 an informal mixer with a cash bar will be held in the large meeting room from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

Basic Radionics Workshop will run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day with breaks.


For Raymon Grace’s Seminar please bring water for energizing.

Expo: Radionic instruments will be provided when required for demonstration.

Basic Radionics Workshop: Bring or rent an instrument for this hands-on class!

Food: Participants will be responsible for their own meals.


For Raymon Grace’s Seminar please send a check for $250.00 to: Raymon Grace 29501 North Fork River Road Saltville, VA 24370. The deadline for early registration in Raymon’s course is July 10. After this date please bring $300.00 in cash to the door.

For the KRT Great Radionics Expo and the KRT Basic Radionics Course: Registration must be paid by credit card, PayPal, or cash. Call to register at (706) 782-2524, or complete and fax/email the registration form to (706) 782-1047. PayPal payments should be directed to: Click here for an Expo registration sheet and credit card payment form.

Attention Vendors: A limited number of vendor tables are available for promotion and sales of radionic and related products in the Expo Market rooms. Each 8' table is $100 for the two-day event. Please contact KRT as soon as possible if you wish to secure a space in the Expo Market.

2013 Expo: Click here to see the final info packet and newsletter that was provided at the 2013 Great Radionics Expo in Rapid City, South Dakota.



Kelly Research Technologies is very pleased to offer workshops and training courses delivered by Ed Kelly, President of KRT and son of founder Peter J. Kelly.

Ed is a uniquely qualified instructor, with years of experience building and developing radionic instrumentation, working with senior instructors, and writing about this amazing art, as well as many hours spent in the company of some of the greatest names in radionics: Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus, Col. Tom Bearden, and many others.

Workshops include a balance of radionic theory, practical applications, and hands-on activities that will equip participants with the ability and confidence to apply radionics to the energetic world that flows through us all.

Peter Kelly Workshop
Peter J. Kelly conducts a workshop in 1981.
Ed Kelly at 2010 USPA
Ed Kelly conducts a workshop in 2012.

Feedback from KRT Radionic Workshops

“Awesome!  Extremely useful and practical workshop. I really feel confident now that I can start using radionics.”

“Excellent workshop. Thought the amount of time was great.”

“I liked the down-to-earth, clear, and honest presentation. Pleasant and easy to learn.”

“Excellent content and organization.”

“Course was really enjoyable and a lot of fun! I have enough info to begin on my own."


KRT Basic Radionics

February 1-2: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
May 17-18: The Dome, Lakemont, Georgia
August 12-13: Columbus, Ohio

A two-day introduction to the basic theory and hands-on operation of the radionic instrument for the new beginner and anyone seeking a refresher. Topics will include collection of samples and witnesses, energetic analysis and radionic balancing, use of reagents, use of worksheets, and cold scanning. Participants will practice using the radionic instrument to complete analysis worksheets on water and soil samples brought from home or taken at the site of the class, then utilizing the broadcast mode to energetically balance those elements.

$400.00 - Individual Registration
$199.00 - w/ Expo Enrollment, Instrument Purchase or Course Retake
$50.00 - Rental Instrument (Supplies Limited!)

* Retake enrollment rate available to any individual who has ever completed a course taught by any authorized dealer of KRT instruments. New instrument must be purchased at the time of enrollment.

KRT Advanced Topics in Radionics

February 1-2: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A one-day course designed to explore advanced dimensions of knowledge. Participants will cold scan a two bank/four dial rate focused on clearing one or more specific obstacles from their lives, plus complete and discuss the results found on the Psychic Attack sheet. Also covered will be advanced reagent selection and radionic harmonic matching. $150 per person.

$150.00 - Individual Registration

May 19-20: The Dome, Lakemont, Georgia

This two-day course will move beyond the basics, with hands-on projects in:

  • Potentizing
  • Advanced Rate Scanning for Accuracy
  • Use of Frequencies and Light
  • Reagent Use and Stacking Order

Participants will cold scan a two-bank/four-dial rate whose focus is on clearing one or more specific obstacles from their lives, plus complete and discuss the results found on the Psychic Attack sheet. Bring samples/witnesses from your water, soil, and animals and we will focus our discussions on how to approach the specific problems you are having on your farm or at your homestead!

Participants must have a working knowledge of their radionic instrument for this course.

$200.00 - Individual Registration
$50.00 - Rental Instrument (Supplies Limited!)

KRT Workshop Logistics

Who: Courses will be delivered by Ed Kelly, President of KRT.

When: Classes will run from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm each day, with breaks.

Bring: Participants are encouraged to bring:

  • Samples of the water they use
  • Soil samples from their gardens or farms
  • Fur or hair from an animal they own
  • A printed photo of their home, office, or farm (digital photos are fine)

This is a hands-on workshop that requires a radionic instrument. Bring yours, or please order as soon as possible if a new instrument is required from KRT. A limited number of instruments are available for rent from KRT for a fee of $50.00.

Food: Participants will be responsible for their own meals. A variety of restaurants are available in the area.

Enroll: All registrations and enrollments must be paid by credit card, PayPal, or cash at the door. Call to register at (706) 782-2524, or complete and fax this enrollment information to (706) 782-1047. Send checks or other correspondence to KRT, PO Box 128, Lakemont, GA, 30552. PayPal payments should be directed to: Thank you for your support!

The universal concepts of radionics covered in KRT Radionic Workshops will equip participants to conduct radionic research in any area desired.  However, human health issues cannot be covered at any time.  Regrettably, any questions concerning human health will be declined.



To follow is a list of events organized and/or sponsored by other groups or individuals within the radionic community. This listing is published on this site as a service to the radionic community and does not indicate an endorsement of any kind by Kelly Research Technologies or its employees. KRT is not responsible for anything said, suggested, claimed or implied by any individual or group in any course, workshop or event, whether or not Kelly radionic equipment is utilized by the organizers or any of the attendees.

Ongoing: Las Vegas, New Mexico
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Courses

Dr. Karen Stashek teaches monthly classes on a one-on-one basis or in small groups of up to 12 people as needed and requested. Her Basic Course provides hands-on training on use of the Kelly Analyzer for basic knowledge, balancing, and practical applications, allowing the user to tap into environmental knowledge about soil, food, gardens, crops, animals, and electricity.

For more information please contact Dr. Stashek at 505-425-9003 or via email at to schedule your training class.

Ongoing: Bellbrook, Ohio
Wisdom Quest Group

Bruce M. Forrester’s Wisdom Quest Group brings together an active membership and experts in a variety of esoteric and mainstream topics. Find out about upcoming Wisdom Quest events by clicking here.

Ongoing: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Conshohocken Radionics

"Pennsylvania Pete" Radatti moderates a free study group for anyone interested in learning about radionics through the "meetup" web site Everyone is welcome to attend! And be sure to check out Pete's new book A Fun Short Course in Beginning Radionics on the KRT Books and DVD page, or download it for free by clicking here.

To visit Conshohocken Radionics' Meetup page please click here.

February 8-10: The Cabin, Curryville, Missouri
Beginner's Radionics

Ginny Blankenship’s class for beginners will be held at The Cabin, a log building that is located in a serene environment. Ginny brings a healer’s perspective to radionics, with years of experience and certifications in several energy modalities, including five years of service as Pat Schmidt’s protégé and assistant teacher. Says Ginny,

“You will love the atmosphere and you will love my "No fear" approach to radionics. In class I hope to expand on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of healing using a step-by-step process that utilizes radionics to its fullest potential.”

Please contact Ginny at 573-680-5940 or visit her web site at

February 9-13: Omaha, Nebraska
February 9: Reams for Humans
February 10: Reams for the Soil
February 11-12: Beginning Radionics for Everyone
February 13: Advanced Radionics and Potentizing

These classes will be taught by Steve Westin, a senior instructor with decades of experience using radionics on the farm and in the home. Steve was personally trained by KRT founder Peter J. Kelly and hand-picked by Peter to share this knowledge with the world. Steve’s classes are infused with esoteric knowledge that stretches beyond radionic instrumentation, providing participants with a wealth of additional information and techniques for capturing success. We at KRT owe a special debt to Steve Westin for his lasting impact and the positive role he has played over many decades of partnership.

For more information about these classes, please contact Steve at 269-692-2771, or via email at:

February 21-23: Des Moines, Iowa
Advanced Radionics

Marty Lucas of Every Advantage Consulting will teach unique concepts and cutting-edge procedures discovered and developed to identify and resolve the most persistent problems found in crops, livestock, and the home. A variety of innovative tools will be demonstrated for making the most of the radionic instrument. Participants must be fully proficient in basic radionics.

For more information or to register please contact Marty at 515-270-2300, via email at:, or download the class brochure by clicking here.

March 27-29: Blue Earth, Minnesota
March 27: Beginner Radionics and Dowsing

March 28: Intermediate Radionics and Dowsing
March 29: Advanced Radionics and Dowsing

Tim has done Radionic, Naturopathic, and Alternative Medical work for clients in over 25 states, Canada, Great Britain, and the Philippines. He owns and operates one of the most elaborate radionics labs in North America. His specialties include agricultural and environmental consulting, Geo-biology, water treatment, mold & myco-toxins, Lyme Disease, Sleep Apnea, and spiritual issues.

With the help of assistant instructors Ron Barone, Robin Hermanson, and Scott Ertl, Tim will deliver his experiences and expertise in this three day program of activities. For more information please contact Tim Lippert at 507-787-2397, or via email at:, or download the class brochure by clicking here.

March 29-30: New York City
Advanced Radionics: Class 8

This course will be taught by Dr. Linda Lancaster of the Light Harmonics Institute and is part of an ongoing certificate program. For details and to register please contact Light Harmonics at 505-989-4610, via email at, or visit their website by clicking here.

July 9-13: Des Moines, Iowa
July 9-11: Beginner's Radionics
July 12-13: Advanced Radionics

Marty Lucas of Every Advantage Consulting will teach unique concepts and cutting-edge procedures discovered and developed to identify and resolve the most persistent problems found in crops, livestock, and the home. A variety of innovative tools will be demonstrated for making the most of the radionic instrument. Participants must be fully proficient in basic radionics to participate in the Advanced course.

For more information or to register please contact Marty at 515-270-2300, via email at:

July 21-25: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Advanced Medical Radiesthesia & Radionics

This five day intensive course will be taught by Dr. Linda Lancaster of the Light Harmonics Institute and is open to anyone. Participants completing the program will be awarded a certificate. For details and to register please contact Light Harmonics at 505-989-4610, via email at, or visit their website by clicking here.

July 26-27: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Electromagnetic Energy Cooking Class

This two day course will be taught by Dr. Linda Lancaster of the Light Harmonics Institute and is open to anyone interested in healing and health. For details and to register please contact Light Harmonics at 505-989-4610, via email at, or visit their website by clicking here.

October 2-4 : Rapid City, South Dakota
Radionics Symposium Taught by the Masters

Dr. Ron Barone has organized an advanced radionics class covering humans, livestock, pets, crops, and gardens. Instructors for this three-day event will include Dr. Ron Barone, Sarah Emond, Robin Hermanson, Tim Lippert, Marty Lucas, Scott Ertl, and Daniel Taylor.

For complete details about this course and the topics to be covered, please download the invitation by clicking here. Or contact Dr. Barone at 605-787-5620 or via email at

This course has been confirmed for delivery, so please contact Dr. Ron to enroll!

September: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dynamic of Homeopathy: Module 1

In Energy Medicine, Homeopathic principles are utilized and the remedies can be the missing link between the mother, layperson, natural healer, and the doctor. In this certificate module Dr. Linda Lancaster will help the student to understand the role Homeopathy plays in an Energy Medicine Natural Healing Practice. Polycrests, Cell Salts, Drainage, and Acute remedies will be discussed and practical applications for each will be shared.

For details and to register please contact Light Harmonics at 505-989-4610, via email at, or visit their website by clicking here.


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