Soon after the invention of the first radionics instrument, Dr. Albert Abrams began conducting demonstrations of this art for other physicians and members of the public at his laboratory in San Francisco. Today there are numerous opportunities for new and experienced radionic researchers to share ideas, experiences, and technology at meetings, workshops and conferences. To follow is a list of training courses offered by KRT, followed by events offered by other groups and individuals.



Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
February 2-3: Western Canadian Annual Producers Conference
February 4-5: KRT Basic Radionics

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The Dome, Lakemont, Georgia, USA
May 18-19: KRT Basic Radionics
May 20-21: KRT Advanced Topics in Radionics

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Chicago, Illinois, USA
July 17-19: U.S. Psychotronics Association Conference
July 20-21: KRT Basic Radionics
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Please scroll down for detailed information on each of these events, as well as many others offered from members of the radionics community.




Kelly Research Technologies is very pleased to offer workshops and training courses delivered by Ed Kelly, President of KRT and son of founder Peter J. Kelly.

Ed is a uniquely qualified instructor, with years of experience building and developing radionic instrumentation, working with senior instructors, and writing about this amazing art, as well as many hours spent in the company of some of the greatest names in radionics: Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus, Col. Tom Bearden, and many others.

Workshops include a balance of radionic theory, practical applications, and hands-on activities that will equip participants with the ability and confidence to apply radionics to the energetic world that flows through us all.

Peter Kelly Workshop
Peter J. Kelly conducts a workshop in 1981.
Ed Kelly at 2010 USPA
Ed Kelly conducts a workshop in 2012.

Feedback from KRT Radionic Workshops

“Awesome!  Extremely useful and practical workshop. I really feel confident now that I can start using radionics.”

“Excellent workshop. Thought the amount of time was great.”

“I liked the down-to-earth, clear, and honest presentation. Pleasant and easy to learn.”

“Excellent content and organization.”

“Course was really enjoyable and a lot of fun! I have enough info to begin on my own."


KRT Basic Radionics

February 4-5: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
May 18-19: The Dome, Lakemont, Georgia
July 20-21: Chicago, Illinois

A two-day introduction to the basic theory and hands-on operation of the radionic instrument for the new beginner and anyone seeking a refresher. Topics will include collection of samples and witnesses, energetic analysis and radionic balancing, use of reagents, use of worksheets, and cold scanning. Participants will practice using the radionic instrument to complete analysis worksheets on water and soil samples brought from home or taken at the site of the class, then utilizing the broadcast mode to energetically balance those elements.

$400.00 - Individual Registration
$200.00 - w/ Instrument Purchase or Course Retake
$50.00 - Rental Instrument (Supplies Limited!)

See the individual enrollment sheets for early-bird discounts!

* Retake enrollment rate available to any individual who has ever completed a course taught by any authorized dealer of KRT instruments. New instrument must be purchased at the time of enrollment.

KRT Advanced Topics in Radionics

May 20-21: The Dome, Lakemont, Georgia

This two-day course will move beyond the basics, with hands-on projects in:

  • Potentizing
  • Advanced Rate Scanning for Accuracy
  • Advanced Reagent Selection
  • Animal Analysis Worksheet

Participants will cold scan a two-bank/four-dial rate whose focus is on clearing one or more specific obstacles from their lives, plus complete and discuss the results found on the Psychic Attack sheet. Bring samples/witnesses from your water, soil, and animals and we will focus our discussions on how to approach the specific problems you are having on your farm or at your homestead!

Participants must have a working knowledge of their radionic instrument for this course.

$400.00 - Individual Registration
$200.00 - w/ Instrument Purchase or Course Retake
$50.00 - Rental Instrument (Supplies Limited!)

KRT Workshop Logistics

Who: Courses will be delivered by Ed Kelly, President of KRT.

When: Classes will run from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm each day, with breaks.

Bring: Participants are encouraged to bring:

  • Samples of the water they use
  • Soil samples from their gardens or farms
  • Fur, hair, and/or photos from an animal they own
  • A printed photo of their home, office, or farm (digital photos are fine)

This is a hands-on workshop that requires a radionic instrument. Bring yours, or please order as soon as possible if a new instrument is required from KRT. A limited number of instruments are available for rent from KRT for a fee of $50.00.

Food: Participants will be responsible for their own meals.

Enroll: All registrations and enrollments must be paid by credit card, PayPal, or cash at the door. Call to register at (706) 782-2524, or complete and fax this enrollment information to (706) 782-1047. Send checks or other correspondence to KRT, PO Box 128, Lakemont, GA, 30552. Online payments through PayPal should be directed to:

Thank you for your support!

The universal concepts of radionics covered in KRT Radionic Workshops will equip participants to conduct radionic research in any area desired.  However, human health issues cannot be covered at any time.  Regrettably, any questions concerning human health will be declined.



To follow is a list of events organized and/or sponsored by other groups or individuals within the radionic community. This listing is published on this site as a service to the radionic community and does not indicate an endorsement of any kind by Kelly Research Technologies or its employees. KRT is not responsible for anything said, suggested, claimed or implied by any individual or group in any course, workshop or event, whether or not Kelly radionic equipment is utilized by the organizers or any of the attendees.

Ongoing: Las Vegas, New Mexico
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Courses

Dr. Karen Stashek teaches monthly classes on a one-on-one basis or in small groups of up to 12 people as needed and requested. Her Basic Course provides hands-on training on use of the Kelly Analyzer for basic knowledge, balancing, and practical applications, allowing the user to tap into environmental knowledge about soil, food, gardens, crops, animals, and electricity.

For more information please contact Dr. Stashek at 505-425-9003 or via email at to schedule your training class.

Ongoing: Bellbrook, Ohio
Wisdom Quest Group

Bruce M. Forrester’s Wisdom Quest Group brings together an active membership and experts in a variety of esoteric and mainstream topics. Find out about upcoming Wisdom Quest events by clicking here.

Ongoing: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Conshohocken Radionics

"Pennsylvania Pete" Radatti moderates a free study group for anyone interested in learning about radionics through the "meetup" web site Everyone is welcome to attend! And be sure to check out Pete's new book A Fun Short Course in Beginning Radionics on the KRT Books and DVD page, or download it for free by clicking here.

To visit Conshohocken Radionics' Meetup page please click here.

December 9-11 : Kansas City, Kansas
Advanced Soils and Plant Nutrition

Dr. Arden Andersen, D.O., Ph.D. invites everyone to join him and Dr. Don Huber, Dr. Robert Kremer, and Dr. Michael McNeill to share information on glyphosate effects, emerging/reemerging plant and animal diseases, soil microbiology consequences and resolutions; genetic consequences of the “glyphosate era” and nutritional farming; solutions to disease, weed and insect problems beyond tillage and pesticides; the future of nutrient testing and imbalance correction; technology of nature over technology against nature; issues of water, carbon and nitrogen cycling, economic efficiency/effectiveness.

These top scientists will deliver this once-in-a-lifetime course to answer questions not typically addressed in more formal conference settings. This symposium is intended for farmers, researchers, consultants, landscapers, vendors and advisors already experienced in biological farming. The format will include classroom/round table discussion following introductory presentations by each scientist.

For complete details about this course and the topics to be covered, please download the invitation by clicking here or contact Dr. Andersen at 800-495-6603, Ext. 106.


DISCLAIMER: Neither publication of this listing nor any of the contents therein constitutes a claim that any psychotronic, radionic or scalar technology devices are effective in the diagnosis or treatment of any disease or any other human ailment. These devices are designed to be used for personal energetic research and/or agricultural purposes only. Persons with mental or physical illnesses should be referred to qualified medical practitioners licensed by federal, state or local agencies, as applicable. Neither KRT nor its employees assumes any responsibility for the accuracy, efficacy or effects of material presented at any event of workshop. This listing represents research that is being passed on for enlightenment of others who are following, or wish to follow, similar pathways of discovery.



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