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Since 1978 the Kelly family has delivered top quality radionic instruments to the vast community of “subtle energy” researchers and practitioners through invention, manufacture and distribution of the famous Kelly Analyzers. Today we strive to deliver a complete line of supporting products, supplies, devices, training, and information and to serve as a comprehensive resource for all radionic research.

You can now order anything offered by KRT at our online store, with shipping almost anywhere in the world. Please visit our secure site at:

Note: Australians should order directly from Universal Energy Clearing, our exclusive distributor "Down Under", whom is located in Queensland. They keep a complete inventory of KRT tools and equipment, and can provide clients with a considerable savings on postage by fulfilling orders from within the country.

KRT Perfect Personal Energy System
Here's a short video on how to use our PPE system, which is an in expensive yet powerful way to harness Tesla energy technology.

KRT Electronic Rate Book

The KRT Online Electronic Rate Book
compiled by Interdimensional Sciences & KRT

All new in 2021, a fully searchable and sortable database of more than 14,000 scalar frequencies for use with any two-dial radionics instrument. Locate rates by keyword or numerically. Includes the ability to create and print worksheets and reports. Includes an integrated library of 40 of the most commonly utilized analysis, balancing, and information worksheets.

FREE! Click here or visit for full access to all rates and information.


Just like Interdimensional News (1983 - 2005) before it, the mission of the Kelly Research Report is to serve as a hub and beacon of information for the community of radionic researchers. Today the Kelly Research Report exists in the form of periodic emails that share essential information:

  • Practical radionic techniques, strategies and information
  • Shared knowledge from the subtle energy community
  • New advancements from the world around us
  • Access to sales and special offers on KRT products and services
  • Information about KRT and community workshops and events

The Kelly Research Report is totally free. Send us an email request and we will add your name to the mailing list. Or sign yourself up:

Click here to visit a free archive of back issues of the old newsletter.



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